Image Tag

An interactive website that guides associative thinking. The assemblage of online videos, graphics, games, and virtual panoramas simulates the surreal frenzy of the flood of online content and mindless browsing. All creative direction, light front-end development, illustration/design execution are done by me. Sound, video, code credits here.    


The presentation of online content follows an extremely nonsensical order: brunch next to death, next to dance, next to dogs, next to sales. Navigating through this bizarre collocation of texts, images, videos, facts, shows, and jokes is like flowing in the stream of consciousness, listlessly flicking through by a loose train of thought and a chain of spontaneous associations.

Image Tag is an exercise that mimics the social phenomenon, hoping to unearth subconscious thoughts by exploring associative thinking. Each page includes visual and auditory content and three correlated words to choose from to navigate. Users will select the word that best relates to the content presented. The connection could be literal or abstract. Each page evokes a new relationship that shifts and changes as the sequence unfolds. The goal is that the unprecedented assemblage of contents will provoke new resonances and tap into the subconscious mind.