Digital Gaze Map


An infographic map counterpart to the visual research on Digital Gaze. It draws the interconnection between three frameworks (Gazing Others, Gaze as Power, and Gazing the Self) to offer a reflective assessment of the digital gaze.


Large format print


59.5 x 120”

Gaze is a social act of looking that involves more than mere literal vision, one that signals a passage of implicit dimensions with conceptual entanglements between viewer and subject. To prevent reducing the concept of the gaze into a narrow meaning, I examine the topic from three different frameworks: Gazing Others, Gaze as Power, and Gazing the Self. The installation-map displays the interrelationship between these frameworks and the larger optical network associated with the digital gaze.

A map is traditionally termed the two-dimensional representation of the world’s surface. The installation-map upscales the normally handheld map into a human-scale mural-like experience that analyzes the relationships between people and gazing. The audience has the unique opportunity to conceptually and physically situate themselves in a digital world by engaging with the installation-map. This map translates the intangibility of contemporary digital gazing into something physical and strives to clarify and generate a symbolic depiction of the gaze.